Member Registration Instructions

Welcome to the new Solitude POA website.
 All homeowners must register to access the Members areas of the website.
Each home site (lot) must decide which owner will be the primary account holder, or a Level 1.
(the purpose of the Level 1 designation is primarily for voting on HOA related topics. As in the past, voting is limited to one vote per lot. The new website will allow us to send questionnaires and other voting requests out to the community.)
To Register:
  • At the upper right hand corner side of the screen click on register.
  • Level 1 user will be prompted to fill out information about themselves
  • Click the check box on bottom of screen to be added to community directory.
The request will be sent to the website administrator, and an email will be sent to user alerting them that they are now approved and can create their own profile and password.
Once the Level 1 user has been approved, they can add other Co-homeowners or Spouses as Level 2 users.
  • This is accomplished by clicking Your Profile in the upper right hand corner of the website.  Once entered, the Level 1 users will click submit to register them.
  • The Level 2 user will receive an email notification that they have been added. 
  • The Level 2 users can now go to the site and update their own profile and password.
Level 2 users have the same privileges as Level 1 users. Both have member access to the site. The Members area of the website contains information proprietary to the Solitude on White Creek homeowners.
Welcome to the new Solitude on White Creek Website.
If you are having difficulty logging in please send a message using the contacts form located on the Contact HOA page.  This will send a message to the website admin so that the problem can be resolved.