Amenity Committee

Amenity Committee
Amenity Documents
January 22, 2021
At the meeting with the board, I reported the following:
Our accomplishments: 
1. keeping the Amenity open thanks to volunteers and not having any COVID incidents
2. increasing the number of umbrellas set out on the pool deck 
3. arranging the lounge chairs and tables so that everyone could be "socially distanced"
4. setting up a motion detector light over the bathrooms to provide increased lighting after dusk on the pool deck
Our action items:
1.  improve lighting around the Tiki bar and deck leading to the point area
2.  open up the closed end of the Tiki bar so that it can be entered from both ends
3.  purchase paint for wooden structures
4.  cut large bench swings to make them smaller and adjust the size of the pads to fit
5.  purchase additional batteries for the AED
6.  consider increasing seating with either tables/chairs or lounge chairs
7.  purchase additional stone for the boat launch ramp
8.  install an all-weather outdoor refrigerator in the Tiki bar
9.  upgrade the wi-fi for the TV
10.make a new sign to be posted between the outdoor swings with correct information to           replace the one we were given by Seascape
11.plan a community open house, Meet and Greet at the Amenity, in the Spring, with tables set up for all committees, Smart 911, etc. This would provide all new residents and current homeowners a chance to learn more about Solitude
12. purchase a large rubber mat for the bottom of the steps at the point to limit the sand carried on feet up to the deck
Our path forward: 
1. increase seating and shade
2. raise money by having 50/50 raffles on days went the pool is busy, or on "wine down" Fridays
Last, help we need from the board:
1. provide funding for those items we as a committed determine that the Amenity needs
Respectfully submitted: 
Doreen R. Dillon
Lead of the Amenity Committee 
Amenity Committee Members: Art Hagood, Lynn Hagood, Brad Moses, Mark Kircher, Rose Topper, Bonnie Sutton, Maureen Miller, Charlene Rudolph, Dave Rudolph, Darlene Mattiello, Gloria Howard, Teri Boteler, Gail Payne